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Young Wizards fanfiction
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fanfiction for Diane Duane's novels, especially Young Wizards
Welcome to the fic community for the Young Wizards series by Diane Duane.

myriadwords is a community for any fanfiction and fanart written or drawn in the Young Wizards universe by Diane Duane, created after a long and sad drought of fic in this fandom. We want to be a place where writers in this fandom can come for discussion of the books in the context of fanfiction (discussion of canon goes on at the excellent youngwizards) and of course for posting fic, art and other fanworks; we also welcome fic recs and other fan activity. We want to foster fic and art in this fandom and so will be running challenges from time to time, but non-challenge fic is always welcome. Currently the community is running Weekly Drabble Challenges and Monthly Fic Challenges sporadic fic-or-drabble-or-scribble challenges, posted at mod's discretion. Everyone is welcome to participate if they wish to!

Need some inspiration? Check out the Challenge Masterlist! These challenges are compiled and the list added to for our yearly Claim-A-Challenge, which is not presently running. Unclaimed challenges are free to be written by anyone.

Your Questions Answered! (hopefully)

Is there a format to be used for posting stories?
Yes! Something along these lines would be heartily appreciated, although it's not compulsory:
Pairing(s) (if applicable):
Warnings (if applicable):
Author's Note (if desired):

If you are posting a fic in multiple parts, please make sure that you provide links from one part of the story to the next. This makes it easier for mods to index your fic, and easier for people to read all in one go!

Tagging policy: When posting to the community, please tag your entry with your "author: (username)" tag, type of post (fanfiction/art/discussion/community), and other tags (character/pairing/crossover etc.) that may apply. Members cannot create new tags at this point. If you need a new tag for an entry, please message trialia, though you may find it's been created within moments of your posting. ;)

Do my stories need to be beta'd?
No, but they MUST be spellchecked, at least through Word. Please don't use netspeak in your summary or A/N, either.

Do you take art?

What kind of fic can I post?
Anything! Any fic is welcome. Canon, AU, futurefic, past fic, fic featuring any of the major or minor characters, fic featuring NONE of the major or minor characters, space opera, plotted fic, novellas, one shots, background fic, romance, gen, action, adventure, drama, angst... okay, you get the message now, I think. :) All is welcome.

Are het and slash okay?
Yes! Any pairing is great, so long as it's all rated and warned.

Speaking of ratings...
Fic can be rated from G to NC-17 (R18 for Brits and Commonwealth), so long as you make sure to rate it if it runs from R-upwards, and warn if it's triggery. I understand philosophical objections to rating exist, and I am here to say: a majority of readers in this fandom are underage, suck it up and rate explicit content. G, PG and PG-13 are kind of fluid, so there's no need to agonise for hours.

Can I post fic from other Diane Duane universes?
Yes! You can post fic from any other DD universe, including the Middle Kingdoms and Stealing the Elf-King's Roses. Fanfic from the Cats of Grand Central universe is considered to be part of the Young Wizards canon, so it's doubly cool. :) You can also post fic about DD's novels in, say, the Star Trek universe, but you're probably better posting them at Star Trek comms.

Where can I find previously posted fic?
Previous fic can be found in the community memories, sorted by pairing and author, and by challenge if applicable; we also use tags for main character and pairing (or gen). A list of all tags is here.

Anything else?

So glad you asked! Be excellent to one another. Respect each member of the community as their own person and treat them as such. Or we'll set Ed on you.

Useful Links and Resources
YoungWizards.com, the official site for the series, and its sister site YoungWizards.net, home of, among other things, the original (and the best) fan discussion forums.

The Errantry Concordance, an essential and amazing semi-encyclopedia, written and updated by DD herself. Described as "everything you always wanted to know about wizardry, but were afraid to ask," it contains entries from DD's notes about a wide range of topics; it's updated frequently. Proof, by the by, that we have one of the coolest authors in fandom here.

The Young Wizards timeline and Miscellany, compiled by the late Peter Murray (currently unhosted and preserved by the Wayback Machine). Contains a well-researched timeline and a general miscellany of facts, a compilation of all the different Oaths printed in the books, and so on. A great resource for any ficcer!

The Worst Fic Ever
ive writen the worst yuong wizards fic in the wolrd for you’re enjoyment!!! Nice reveiws pleaze!!
This painful parody by Reana illustrates some of the more painful potential problems and potholes when writing YW fic. Your guide to What Not To Do. :)

Disclaimer: The Young Wizards series and associated are all property of the awesome Diane Duane. We're only playing with the ideas we love.

myriadwords is maintained and moderated by labellementeuse and trialia; any questions, suggestions or criticisms can be emailed to labellementeuse(at)gmail(dot)com, unless tag-related, in which case please direct to trialia(at)gmail(dot)com.

credits, etc: deutscheami of posticonic made the beautiful icons for this community. ♥

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