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The Young Wizards Kink and Cliche Meme

Dai stiho everyone!

So, as per usual, I was bemoaning the lack of pr0n in the fandom to everyone I know and senri came up with a totally brilliant idea: what this fandom needs is a kink meme! Oh, yes. So myriadwords is proud to present:

The Young Wizards (and Associated Fandoms) Kink and Cliche Meme

How it works

- YOU comment ANONYMOUSLY with a pairing and a prompt - a kink or a cliche (and a helpful scenario, if you like)
- SOMEONE ELSE comes along and ANONYMOUSLY fills your request!

- Carmela/Ronan, pegging
- SUBJECT HEADING WARNING: Prompt may be triggery. BODY: Tom/Carl, aliens make them do it, Tom and Carl are off-planet in their younger pre-Senior days.

Tips and Good Behaviour

- ANONYMOUS POSTING isn't actually a rule! It's so that people can have fun without worrying. (IP logging is off.) But if you're happy owning your porn, go you! And of course you can repost elsewhere at will.
- You don't have to write (or request) any particular rating - you can fulfil a request with G-rated cuddles as well as NC-17 watersports. (Also G-rated watersports, but um, good luck with that!)
- There's a list here of fannish kinks, cliches, and tropes for inspiration, but don't consider yourself limited to those!
- To keep the meme going, please consider fulfilling a request if you make some. It's in the wizard's spirits to maintain growth...
- Requests can be filled twice!
- Art is OK!
- Don't be an asshole to other people about their kinks or pairings!
- Sneakily: I happen to know my fabulous co-mod is looking to expand the DD fanlisting so I'm abusing my position to pimp it! (two kink jokes in one sentence?)

Srs Bizness
- The comm's usual rules of engagement don't all apply (you don't need to rate or format or header) but we do request that you warn in the subject line if your snippet might be triggery.
- Because of the unusually young demographic of this fandom and its main characters, we ask that you refrain from requesting fiction where pre-pubescent characters or bodies are eroticised. myriadwords is not judging your kink and we respect individuals' rights to explore their sexualities at any age, but the myriadwords mods are not comfortable with shota or lolicon in the context of a kink meme. Please keep the characters to an age where you consider they could reasonably give consent. (Guys, I absolutely agonised over this because I detest censorship, so please don't be offended by it?)
- Other than that, take it away!
Tags: !admin: challenge, author: labellementeuse, challenge, type: challenge, type: fanfiction, type: requests
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