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Epilogue: Sings to me in sunshine

Title: Knew you at all
Summary: Sarah Williams wants to be a wizard.
Author's Notes: Crossover between the movie Labyrinth and Diane Duane's Young Wizards series. Co-written between katarik and ilyena_sylph.
Word count: 771


Chapter One

Chapter Two

Chapter Three

Chapter Four

Chapter Five

Chapter Six

Chapter Seven

Chapter Eight

Chapter Nine

He stood in the silent room where Sarah had slept for long moments, looking at the shape her body had left in the bed, the disarrayed tangle of the sheets, the few strands of long hair she'd left on the pillow... His eyes sharpened at that sight to green-and-blue flames, and he walked across the room to pick each one up carefully. He wound them together, quick and sure, and then trapped them into a crystal, holding it up to watch the light shine through onto dark, dark strands. He would give it back to her at some point later. For now, he watched the way the light played on them.

Careless of her to leave her hair behind, really, where someone like him could do so much with it, but she had given so much of herself to the Labyrinth this time. Her breath, the touch of her skin, her tears, even her sleeping dreams and waking hopes. Her kindness, too, he thought after a moment, adding that to the list. In the aftermath, his Labyrinth had shared with him how she had acted with it. How she had spoken to wood and plant and rock, coaxing and persuading with a gentle touch that had made so much of it willing to bend to her will... of course, she had long since wrapped him in a spell of an entirely different variety. Was it truly any surprise that his best, most brilliant creation had fallen to her charms as well?

"How is it that she manages to do this?" The question was quiet, even a trifle amused as he spoke to the air. "I had thought the gatekeeper a fluke, but this time she persuaded the very walls to warn her, the trees to aid her... "

He shook his head, as puzzled by her now as he had ever been entranced with the strength he could see lurking under the foolish child. As captivated by her strength as he had been with the sheer power of her dreams and desires -- power that had shaped the world around her even before she had taken up the gift of wizardry. //If gift you could call it,// he thought darkly, thinking of the few goblins that had taken that path. They were invaluable as far as coaxing the Labyrinth to do things was concerned, but... wizardry did strange things to goblin minds, and few of them had ever lasted long.

She was stronger now. More self-possessed, more aware of the world around her as something more than an extension of herself. She was growing up -- but not old, as her acceptance of wizardry proved.

That new strength might not be enough to keep her safe on the path she had so recklessly chosen. He wasn't sure if anything would be. His powers were limited in the mortal realm, and in any case, she would hardly care for his interference... she was proud, beautifully so. It was one of the things that had made her such an interesting opponent even as a child.

She had grown up, and she had learned the first lessons the Labyrinth had taught her very well, using them to her advantage in this challenge.

He couldn't wait to see what she might do next, now that the Labyrinth had had a second round of tempering her will with her reason.


A small -- barely knee-high to a human, really -- female goblin walked silently through the Goblin City, and out the wide open doors into the Junk Heaps. The deep brown fur still hung raggedly around her deep gold eyes as she went along, smiling with dark, sharp pleasure at the clinging possessiveness written all through every one of them. Everything they could never stand to give up, pressed to them, weighing them down...

She continued on, walking along the madcap frenzy of the Fiery's dancing out all of their wild pleasure, their frantic joy and lust for life blazing in them and leaping in the flames as the tree was devoured... She wandered into the hedges and the stones, looking at it. The maze was stronger than it had been. Century upon century of stolen children, some attempts to reclaim them, and some dreams swallowed entire into the walls had obviously had quite the effect. So many changes... and still so useful.

...and It laughed at what the Labyrinth had become while It was absent again and vanished, pleased enough with what It had wrought this time. Such interesting things might come of them, with the whispers It had placed in their ears.

-- Finis
Tags: author: ilyena_sylph, author: katarik, character: lone power, crossover: yw/labyrinth, genre: crossover, type: fanfiction
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