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A Drabble

Title: Untitled
Author: _rednovember
Summary: There are places in the human mind where light never shines, and this is where He lives.
Pairings: Suggested LP/Nita
Rating: PG-13
Word Count: 162 (drabble)


There is a place in her mind where darkness sleeps.

She keeps it under guard, locked away—so hidden that, most of the time, she forgets it’s even there.

This place in her mind—lightless, hopeless—is the one He chooses to visit.


He comes when she’s asleep. It’s dark, and cold, and inside this despairing core, she shivers against a frozen wall.

“Long time no see,” He says, and leans forward to touch her forehead.


She realizes that she’s still dreaming—but it doesn’t help because his hand burns her and all of a sudden she knows.

He’s pulling her flush against him, arms around her waist and shoulders; catching, trapping, encircling—


Her eyes are fixated over His shoulder, breath coming in soft pants. His lips skim down her cheek, her jaw, her throat.

Inside the mind of her mind, death takes place (Mom, Dad, Dairine—Oh, Kit.)

He smiles against her neck, hot and dark.


Interpretations, comments, and suggestions welcome.

Tags: author: _rednovember, character: lone power, character: nita, pairing: nita/lone power, type: fanfiction
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