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Young Wizards Christmas in July fic exchange 2014 - signups

Hi all! Signups for the second Young Wizards Christmas in July are about to start!

Signups are from 1-15 May, with stories to go out around 16 May. So you have plenty of time to sign up!

This year we're trying something new: there's now a section where you can make a wish list of things you want me to consider when allocating you an assignment. If you have signed up last year, and are familiar with how signups work, scroll down to the "Offers" section, where I explain how that will work.

To sign up you go to the left and click "Sign up form". You should see two boxes, the first one looking like this one:


This is your request section. You are allowed two requests!  This is to maximise matchings. This year, only Young Wizards is eligible, but next year depending on interest indicated to me directly, Feline Wizards might be back on the cards. If you want it for next year, let me know!

Anyway, start typing "Young Wizards" into the Fandom textbox and you should see this:

Now, moving onto the character section. This is kind of complicated. 0 characters means that it's a kind of worldbuilding thing; you can request some details about alien wizards or wizards who live in volcanoes or what have you, though you run the risk of not being matched and being asked to redo your sign up. If you tick the "Any" checkbox you have said that your writer can write about whatever character they like. This could mean you get the story you never knew you wanted, but if you want a story about particular characters, this is not the option for you.

Anyway, if you want a particular character, you can start typing in the character field the character's name. There's characters already present, so choose your character off the list. It should look like this:

There are obviously more characters on this list, I just cut it off across poor Sker'ret's name because I figured we had better things to do.

Anyway, next is the "Optional Details" part. There are two types of optional details. The first is not really optional at all, in that if you request no NME or tumblr material (or just one or the other) your writer must respect that. The other is a prompt or sort of inspiration to help your writer get an idea of what you would like from your story. This one is optional, and your author is not obligated to follow it. Though, of course, most authors will do their best to!

If you would like to do a second prompt, click on this button (it goes red like this screenshot when your mouse hovers over it, like mine was.)

This is where you sign up for what things you are willing to write for.

As you can see, the character thing is different! In this challenge you must offer to write for at least two characters or check the checkbox that says you will write any. Unlike with the requests, where the characters you select must be in the story, in the offers section you could get assigned to anyone who has at least one of your characters chosen. So if you're not comfortable writing S'reee, for example, don't put her down, because you could end up writing for the person who wants Nita and S'reee fic. Also, if you choose "Any", you are seriously saying that you are willing to write any character in the signup. Please keep that in mind when choosing "Any".

There's a new box as well. This box is for you to tell me things that you would like me to consider when allocating you a recipient. In here you can say "please don't allocate me to X because they are my sister/boyfriend/girlfriend/my cat" and I will do my best to make sure that you two are not allocated together. You can also say in there what kind of story you want to write. You might want to write a friendship story between S'reee and Carmela and if there is a signup that matches that I will try to allocate it to you. If you do not want to write things set in the NME here is where you say it and I will try not to allocate you to someone who wants NME material (this might really only be relevant for people who request Darryl and Ronan as their books change their background significantly). This is a wishlist! I will do my best to give you what you ask for, but if I can't then I'm really sorry. I'm really limited to what people request and who signs up. But I will do my best!

If you need an invite to AO3 drop me a comment, or private message me either here on LJ or on tumblr as crankywhitemage and I'll do my best to set you up. Other than that, feel free to ask questions, poke around and if you're interested, sign up!

Also! If anyone would like to beta, feel free to offer in the comments :)
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