I'm Johnny Yong Penguin! (boxlawyer) wrote in myriadwords,
I'm Johnny Yong Penguin!

Young Wizards fic exchange in July

Hi guys!

I'm just feeling out at this stage whether anyone would be interested in participating in an anonymous fic exchange for Young Wizards/Feline Wizards? At this stage, I'm leaning towards the following:

  1. It takes place on AO3 - if you don't have an account there I can generate codes for you.

  2. Signups would be the first two weeks of May, with assignments to go out 18 May, and 30 June are when the stories are due.

  3. Stories are written anonymously, with the authors to be revealed on 8 July.

  4. Archive gets revealed during the first week of July (the exact date depends on when everyone has a story, but no later than 5 July).

  5. The matching process will be that you nominate 2-6 characters you will write for, and 1-4 characters you'd like a story about, along with a prompt. The prompt is a guide and is entirely optional (though incredibly helpful!), while the characters must appear in the story.

  6. Then in October you all sign up for Yuletide -- I mean.   YOU SHOULD ALL SIGN UP FOR YULETIDE...

If you're on tumblr, you've heard all this before and please don't comment again if you commented already, but if you're interested, I'd like to hear from you! I'm hoping for about ten people before I'll set up the exchange, and thus far we have six tentatives.  I am super keen to run this exchange, because while I've run multifandom secret santas in the past, I sure haven't done a Young Wizards one. It'll be great!

So yes! If you are interested, or have any questions, feel free to comment!  I'm happy to answer any questions that you have.
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