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Fic backlog!

Looking through the comm and realizing I never posted links here to some of the more recent things I've written, so I'm putting those up now!

Title: Day One (Read on LJ / Read on AO3)
Rating: PG
Word Count: ~1300 
Pairing: Tom/Carl
Summary: They are Advisories now, and life goes on. Or, the one where Carl tries to surprise Tom with homemade pancakes and Peach is not particularly helpful.
Notes: Written for rusting_roses in the dai_stiho Friend/Ship fic exchange, beta'd by the ever-lovely araine.

Title: Your Local Wizards (click to read on AO3)
Author: readingredhead
Rating: PG (though will potentially vary in future chapters)
Notes: A series of drabbles, each under 1000 words, in response to prompts requested on Tumblr. They're posted all together on AO3, but they're meant as standalone pieces. At present, the collection includes:

Chapter 1: Date Night; Nita spent half an hour getting ready for the date, and approximately another half an hour berating herself for taking so much time. Nita/Kit, post-AWOM.

Chapter 2: Impact; After an intervention that can't be hidden creates a climate of fear and confusion around the presence of wizards, Tom and Carl discuss their options. Tom/Carl.

Chapter 3: Friends; It was strange, at first, this whole "having a best friend" thing, and Nita kept worrying that she might be doing it wrong. Gen, set directly post-SYWTBAW.
Tags: author: readingredhead, character: carl, character: kit, character: nita, character: tom, pairing: kit/nita, pairing: tom/carl, rating: pg/k+, type: fanfiction
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