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Young Wizards Christmas in July fic exchange - how to upload stories

The deadline for assigned stories has passed! There's some tidying up of signups still going on but thus far everyone has either submitted a story or has spoken to me about a short extension. This is great!

However, there are still two and a half days left before the archive is revealed and you might find yourself eyeing off one of these prompts and thinking "I would really like to write one ... but I don't know how to upload it to the archive". If this is the only thing stopping you from writing the YW fic of your dreams ... well, do I have the tutorial for you!

At the top of your AO3 account should be a link that says "Post". You want to hover your mouse over it, where the following should appear:

You want, as the fantastic art shows, the one that says "New Work". Click it!

You should see this screen:

Start filling in the fields, choosing your rating as you see fit, and choose the fandom you are writing in.

Scroll down a bit and enter in your title and summary:

Please no one ask me to write this btw, it's not happening. But this is all fairly standard to uploading any story to AO3.

Scroll down a bit further and enter into the "Post into Collections/Challenges" text field yw_christmasjuly, which will show you the following:

(Sorry about the blacked out parts, I'm actually participating in another challenge as well.)

Finally, you need to add the person's name who you are giving it to:

I used mine because I couldn't think of anyone who would want Ed/EVERYONE or anyone who would talk to me afterwards after I fake gave them that.

Then you put your story into the big textbox below, hit "Post" and you're good to go!
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