I'm Johnny Yong Penguin! (boxlawyer) wrote in myriadwords,
I'm Johnny Yong Penguin!

Young Wizards Christmas in July fic exchange - EIGHT DAAAYS and also prompts

Hi guys!

We are eight days out from the finalising of the Young Wizards - Christmas in July fic exchange. Given that we are so close to the end, and there are so many good prompts I've done a spreadsheet with all of the prompts, so if you want to write a second story (or a first, if you aren't participating!) you can write one and upload it to the collection (yw_christmasjuly) and it will be revealed at the same time as the rest. For ease of reading, every alternate signup has been greyed out; there's no real significance other than "oh god look at all those lines of words".

If you need help uploading to the collection, or how to gift it to someone, let me know, otherwise I look forward to seeing all the completed stories.
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